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The #1 Tool Everyone In the QSR Industry Should Be Using: Mobile Marketing

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 21, 2015 10:27:38 AM

Learn How Church’s Chicken Used a Mobile Marketing Campaign to Send a Lucky Customer to Los Angeles to Mingle With the Stars!

I’m not just tooting my own horn when I say that mobile marketing is the number one tool that every QSR, or quick service restaurant, should be using. Today, it really is a no brainer. Everyday more and more QSRs are jumping aboard the bandwagon and using this amazing tool to communicate with and reward their customers all while promoting their own brand. It truly is a win-win. Did I mention text mobile marketing as a greater than 90% read rate? You’re going to attract the attention of people who want your product. And you’re going to have an incredibly reliable and effective way to reach and engage them. Need I say more?

Let me give you an example by telling the success story of Church’s Chicken.

The friend chicken restaurant needed a way to promote a movie sponsorship and decided mobile marketing was the best way to do so. In their Texas and Florida markets, the company’s marketing department, a large beverage distributor and Pocketstop developed a mobile marketing sweepstakes for the chance to win a trip to Los Angeles for the movie premier as well as a year’s supply of… what else… chicken! As a “thank you,” participants were to receive a mobile coupon via text message to be redeemed at a Church’s Chicken location. The text mobile marketing sweepstakes was advertised via five different mediums including in television and radio spots, on their website, in-stores and in the newspaper.

Before I get to the awesome results, let me point out some really positive attributes of this campaign:

  • Church’s Chicken had a very attractive reward: a trip to L.A. and free chicken!
  • They gave out a mobile coupon just for participating in the sweepstakes to drive sales.
  • They heavily promoted the campaign in order to increase participation.
  • By using mobile marketing, they gained customer data and permissions for further customer engagement and communications.

This was a very smart campaign. As a result, anticipation exceeded the company’s goals. The mobile marketing campaign generated 15,556 sweepstakes entries with one lucky person winning it big! The opt-out rate was only 2.5% meaning Church’s Chicken was able to gather, and keep, many of their customer’s mobile phone numbers in order to communicate with them in the future.

See, mobile marketing works! We were able to provide a full-service product with our text mobile marketing platform. Our mobile marketing solutions provided the restaurant with campaign development, measurement and data collection and database management. Oh, and of course a happy and engaged customer base.

All this talk about fried chicken has got me hungry…. gotta run!

To learn more about the effectiveness of mobile marketing, check our more of our case studies here. If you’re interested in mobile marketing and text message marketing services, please give us a call today at 877-840-2444 or go to to live chat with us today.

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