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5 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Keyword

5 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jan 30, 2019 5:04:31 PM

In their search for a reliable and effective marketing method that can stand the test of our technologically-driven world, companies and marketers often make the mistake of thinking that simply choosing the one which is most popular will be enough for a successful campaign. Whether we are talking about digital or traditional marketing, a campaign can deliver the expected results only when based on tailored objectives and proper implementation. In the case of the latter, promoting the campaign and its elements is of utmost importance.

Text message marketing campaigns are the perfect example when it comes to the emphasis you need to place on the methodically execution of a marketing method. Although text message marketing provides you with a simple and easy to implement solution, the success of a campaign depends on your understanding of how it works, and how to promote it. Therefore, today we are going to focus on 5 ways to promote your mobile keyword and how they will significantly improve your text message marketing ROI. But before tackling aspects related to promoting your campaign, let’s find out more about mobile keywords and why they are important for your business.

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What is a Mobile Keyword?

It is projected that in 2022, the revenue of the global application-to-person text message marketing will amount to $78 billion. With text message marketing being implemented by companies from all over the world, the diversity with which is it used has led to its constant updating and improving. Today, one of the most reliable features of text message marketing is the mobile keyword. When drafting and implementing a text message marketing campaign companies can choose a single word that can contain letters or numbers to be sent via text message to a short code. With the help of a mobile keyword you can improve your customer database, get the attention of more people, make your campaign run more smoothly, and expand the overall success of your text message marketing strategies.

How to Select a Mobile Keyword

  • Select mobile keywords that are easy to remember
  • Don’t replace mobile keywords with words of an alternative spelling
  • Always choose a mobile keyword that is short and easy to type on a mobile phone
  • If you need to have a mobile keyword made from two words, purchase both keywords
  • Make sure that your keyword reflects the goals and objectives of your campaign

5 Ways to Promote Your Mobile Keyword

Once you have decided what mobile keyword you are going to use for your text message marketing campaign and you made sure that it ticks all the boxes of your plan, you will need to promote your keyword. This is a necessary step of all text message marketing campaigns and if done with accuracy, it will notably improve its outcomes. Whether we are talking about a campaign promoting a new product, one in which you reach your customers with a loyalty program, or a campaign that promotes an event, getting your mobile keyword out there is a fantastic method to increase its ROI.

Promote Your Mobile Keyword on Social Media

Integrating the mobile keyword your company is using for its text message strategies with your marketing strategies for social media is one of the easiest and cost-effective steps you can take for promoting it. Nowadays, all social media platforms are keyword-friendly, offering you the perfect opportunity to link your mobile keyword to the image of your brand and with other campaigns you are running on social media. Having a multi-platform approach in your marketing efforts will show your customers that you are inclusive when it comes to their needs and their preferred methods of communication.

Spread the Word via Promotional Materials

From billboard to t-shirts, promotional materials and traditional advertisements methods are a great way of getting the interest of your customers and directing them towards a more easy and reliable form of marketing, such as text messaging. If your mobile keyword is used for a temporary campaign, you should keep the promoting to small materials that are not expensive to produce, such as flyers, restaurant menus, or the packaging of new products. Regardless of what your companies uses in its marketing efforts, making sure that the materials are up-to-date and in accordance with all your campaigns will help your customers see you are interested in providing them with useful and updated information.

Other Forms of Digital and Traditional Advertising

Both the mobile keyword you will be using and the short code that comes with it have the advantage that they are easy to promote regardless of the medium. Having an ideal length from anything from a tweet to a newspaper ad or a TV commercial, you can integrate your keyword with any form of advertising you desire. Just make sure that the customers understand the terms of the campaign, that the keyword and short code are visible, and that the message is appealing to the needs and profile of the target audience.

Promote Your Mobile Keyword with the Help of Proximity Marketing

If you are not familiar with the advantages of Wi-Fi-based proximity marketing you are missing out on an opportunity to drastically reduce the costs of your marketing strategies, particularly when paired with text message marketing. Whether you are already running a proximity marketing campaign or creating one to integrate with your text messaging plans, promoting your mobile keyword through location-based marketing services will help you expand the targeting of your campaign and drives sales.

Promote Your Mobile Keyword within Your Online Brand Identifiers

Your email header, the pages of your website, the aggregators and directories in which your company’s information can be found, and any other online place that has information about your brand should also be updated with the mobile keywords you want to promote. Making sure that every person who comes in contact with your brand has a possibility of knowing about your current text message marketing campaigns is a cost-effective way of improving your sales, increasing customer database, and gathering useful feedback for future campaigns.

Independent of your text message marketing campaign and the mobile keyword you choose to assign to it, promoting should be done based on relevant metrics, on the goals of your company, and the needs of your customers. Any marketing action that is conducted based on thorough data will provide you with better outcomes than a generic campaign.

Therefore, whether you choose to promote your mobile keyword in a newspaper, on social media, on a billboard, or using all the methods we’ve discussed, don’t forget to always have all these aspects in mind. Customers relate more with brands that customize their message in accordance with their needs, and personalization goes perfectly with the intimate nature of text message marketing.

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