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7 Things About Mass Notification System Pre-Written Messages Pocketstop Wants You To Know

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Sep 12, 2014 3:58:46 PM

Mass notification system use, including Pocketstop’s own RedFlag mass notification system, is on the rise among organizations that are seeking digital solutions for their communication challenges. As a leader in the mass notification system industry, Pocketstop understands that clients use these systems for a variety of applications including for the safety and security of their tenants, employees and others during urgent situations.

A mass notification system is a wonderful solution for many communication needs — it’s reliable, easy to use and always available. However, there are a few prior preparations your organization needs to make so your mass notification system is ready.

One especially important preparation is creating pre-written messages so, in the event of an emergency, your mass notification system users don’t have to waste precious time fumbling on the keyboard when emotions may be unstable or time is short.

Here at Pocketstop, we’ve come up with seven things we want you to know about mass notification system pre-written messages to help you be best prepared when time are at their worst.

  1. Mass notification system pre-written messages should be created for a variety of emergency situations. If your team is having trouble brainstorming scenarios when your mass notification system would be handy, check out Pocketstop’s Communication Scenarios here.
  1. Your mass notification system pre-written messages should do things like create awareness about critical situations, provide instructions on what do to (shelter in place, evacuate, etc) and who to contact for assistance.
  1. Keep in mind that in an emergency, your pre-written messages very likely will be sent via all communication channels (voice, text, email and social media) if that is what you choose. So, include all pertinent information but try to be brief also so your messages do not exceed any character count limits.
  1. Pre-written messages may have to be edited or added to when an emergency arises. Keep this in mind when you are creating them and leave room to quickly add specific information for whatever situation is at hand.
  1. Pre-Written messages are a wonderful time-saving tool in the event of an emergency, but mass notification system pre-written messages can also come in handy for non-critical situations, routine notifications or general information such as a weekly reminder about schedule changes or a monthly notification that includes a link to your organizations newsletter or recent news.
  1. A mass notification system does just that — notifies the masses — especially if you use it to post to social media sites. Make sure your pre-written messages have a calm but urgent tone for possible emergency situations. You don’t want to create panic or alarm or contribute to undue uncertainty.
  1. If you’re already a RedFlag mass notification system client, contact your Pocketstop account executive today for more assistance in creating effective pre-written messages for your organization.

For more information about Pocketstop’s RedFlag mass notification system, pre-written messages or our other operational and marketing communication solutions, give us a call at 877-840-2444.

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