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6 Workplace Safety Podcasts You Should Listen To

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Sep 17, 2019 11:55:00 AM

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, the safety of your employees at the workplace should be of paramount importance. Safety measures must be taken to ensure that your employees are always away from harm’s way. Your goal should be to prevent workplace disasters through preventive measures.

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7 Manufacturing KPIs You Should Track

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 22, 2019 9:03:00 AM

Gathering and analyzing data are essential operations for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. In the manufacturing industry, this is even more important, as key performance indicators (KPIs) will significantly contribute to streamlining the production process. Respectively, a poor management of KPIs or not being aware of them will impact your overall activity and cause financial lose or unexpected periods of downtime.

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6 Tips to Enhance Tenant Satisfaction

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 20, 2019 8:58:00 AM

One of the most common and encumbering issues that property managers are facing is dealing with turnover, as it affects all aspects of the business and can end up generating an extensive array of additional costs. With more and more properties being available each day, keeping tenants happy is mandatory for the overall success of a property management business, but nowadays, that requires more than just having a good property to offer. An outlook at commercial real estate reveals how new business models, the extended use of new technology, and competition are influencing the dynamics of the industry—and also the importance of realigning your business with current trends.

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5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 19, 2019 8:52:00 AM

Text message marketing has become one of the most trustworthy digital marketing methods, with results that have helped companies from all industries better relate to their customers, promote their products, and improve the overall success of their business. Ever since its early stages, SMS has taken the role of an intimate, simple, and effective channel of communication, therefore, its use in marketing and the reputation it has today should not come as a surprise. According to statistics, the application-to-person SMS market worldwide value will amount to $78 billion by 2022, making it one of the most valuable marketing methods available.

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Why Using A Mobile App For Employee Communications Is A Bad Idea

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 16, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Communication is the key to success for every business. Efficient communication means you’ll be able to coordinate well within your team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page at any given point in time.

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The Business Costs of IT Downtime

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 15, 2019 9:01:00 AM

Business continuity strategies and how to deal with the aftermath of work interruptions have always been of main concern to businesses everywhere, regardless of industry. In our technologically-driven times, work interruptions are oftentimes related to IT downtime and the—sometimes hidden—effects of such incidents. Yet regardless of the fact that this sector no longer represents a novelty, the business costs of IT downtime can still be enigmatic for a lot of companies. Understanding how work interruptions can affect your business is the first step for drafting a business continuity plan that minimizes and even erases most of the risks associated with IT downtime. And even though there can be downtime situations that are not foreseeable, your company can still improve its response based on having the knowledge and solutions for dealing with any downtime, regardless of it nature or difficulty.

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6 Retail Shopping Center Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 13, 2019 8:56:00 AM

Over the decades, shopping center marketing has experienced a wide array of changes and improvements, and with every new technology or industry development, business owners have had to amend their strategies in order to keep up with competitors. Whether we are talking about new shopping centers being built in your area, a shift in customer demand, or the need to keep up with new products and services, shopping center marketing has to provide solutions for all of them. Shopping centers were built on the principle of offering a place where most goods and services can be found to the residents of a community. Yet, nowadays, there are numerous shopping centers servicing the same communities, making it more difficult for shopping center managers to keep up with both customer needs and their competitors. Therefore, methodically focusing on shopping center marketing is mandatory for all companies that want to stay in business.

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Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Businesses

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 12, 2019 8:53:00 AM

Every year, the U.S. witnesses a few catastrophic hurricanes that cause significant loss of life and property. This year’s hurricane season is no different, with a couple of cataclysmic ones expected. In 2019, AccuWeather predicts between five and seven named storms, two to four of which may develop into category 3-5 hurricanes. In addition to damaged property, injuries and casualties, these natural disasters can disrupt various businesses, large and small.

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6 Takeaways from the 2019 PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Crisis Survey

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 9, 2019 7:32:00 AM

In today’s highly interconnected world, crisis management has become one of the top priorities for companies. The internet and social media ensure that news about any major organizational crisis spreads like wildfire. While some organizations are adopting new-age methods to face the impending crisis, others may not be as well-equipped. PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2019 comes at a crucial time when businesses are struggling to adapt to the changing face of crisis management.

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5 Ways SMS Can Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 8, 2019 8:53:00 AM

SMS marketing has been around for quite some time, but while many may say that its time has gone, that is far from reality. Nearly 98% of all text messages are read before the day ends, practically guaranteeing that your message will be read.

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