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A Crisis Situation Requires Action, Not Planning

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jan 15, 2015 9:47:53 AM

Sony Pictures Provides A Perfect Example Why Corporations Need To Utilize A Mass Notification System: During last year’s unprecedented cyber attack, a Mass Notification System helped “disseminate information and calm fears” during a time with enormous uncertainty1.

We talk a lot about how being prepared can help mitigate our risks when unplanned and critical situations occur. But even the most prepared organizations, like mega corporation Sony Pictures, can find themselves in uncharted waters. That was the case shortly before Thanksgiving, when the movie studio suffered a cyber attack from, at the time, an unknown source.

Sony Pictures’ computer network was wiped out, personal information was dumped online, servers were destroyed and unreleased movies appeared on file-sharing websites. The very way in which Sony Pictures — and the rest of the world — conducted its business and communicated was suddenly and unexpectedly gone.

With speculation flying about motives for the attack, the threat of terrorist activity was in everyone’s mind. Sony Picture’s CEO, Michael Lynton, said the focus of communication efforts to the company’s 7,000 employees “was on answering questions and curbing fears as well as maintaining operations1.”

But how were they going to do so with their network crippled?

The movie studio used a mass notification system to “disseminate information and calm fears” for those that were concerned about their safety1. Many of Sony Pictures’ employees had been added to the mass notification system’s database — but not everyone. In hindsight, Lynton said he would “have made it mandatory” for employees to be able to receive messages from the mass notification system1.

Being a connected world definitely has its benefits. But many of us forget about the major risks being “online” can bring. Cyber security has become a hot topic and now, even a hotter topic since the Sony Pictures breach. Even if your corporation’s network isn’t a victim of a cyber attack directly, indirect attacks can still cause problems. Many of the systems businesses use on a daily basis could become compromised. For example, Google, Microsoft or payment vendors like Visa or Mastercard — major corporations that many other companies do business with — could be the subject of a cyber security attack which could affect your business processes.

Just like Sony Pictures, a large corporation will have a communication challenge especially if their primary communication network is compromised. A mass notification system provides a safety net for corporations, giving them an alternative way to communicate to employees and other stakeholders while working to solve the problem.

The RedFlag mass notification system is useful in many situations including in the case of a cyber attack. For more information about the RedFlag mass notification system and our other operational and marketing communication solutions, please give us a call at 877-840-2444 or live chat with us today at

1 Sony Pictures CEO: ‘No playbook’ for hack response

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