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Emergency Alert Notification System for Shopping Malls, Shopping Districts & Retail Centers called RedFlag

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jul 30, 2013 4:23:29 AM

When your Emergency Alert Notification System absolutely, positively has to alert everyone on-time!

In the world of retail, there is only one thing that we can rely on.  “Expect the unexpected.”  It is impossible to predict the varied number of events that can occur throughout the year that could impact retail operations. From lost children, to severe weather and beyond these unexpected situations require an Emergency Alert Notification System to enable the rapid distribution of up to the minute information.

Pocketstop’s Emergency Alert Notification System known as RedFlag is built to keep management, security, retail store employees and stakeholders informed of all developments and relevant issues.  RedFlag is designed to help retail locations improve their Emergency Alert Notifications to increase the speed of recovery, minimize loss and maintain public confidence.

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A recent case study of a retail property that selected RedFlag as their Emergency Alert Notification System demonstrates the platforms flexibility. Their first decision was to set up the groups and they chose to base them on job title.  They created store employees, store management, security and property management as their selected groups. They then used the subscriber interface to request people to create their own profile and select how they would like to be notified.  The options were text, email, voice call or social media update. Now, anytime they need to send Emergency Alert Notifications, they can use their phone or computer to type a message once and contact all people via multiple channels simultaneously.

They are now able to communicate in a quick, efficient, and reliable manner to protect lives, prevent or limit financial loss, and avoid misinformation. The RedFlag Emergency Alert Notification System provides valuable notification capabilities.  Some of the ways retail locations are using RedFlag are during Crisis Situations (Workplace Violence, Fire, Security Breach, Bomb Threats, etc.) Network Failures / Data Disruptions, Merchant Fraud Alerts, Severe Weather Warnings, Building Evacuation Notices, Scheduled Fire or simply Emergency Drills.

To find out more about how the RedFlag Emergency Alert Notification System can help your Retail operations, please contact me today at

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