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Google Wallet + NFC + POS = Enterprise Social CRM

1 minute read - Posted by previewpstop on Jul 18, 2012 12:43:34 PM

Yesterday, I bought my first NFC enabled phone. While I’m not sure what all it does at this stage, I do know that my Samsung Galaxy S III phone has an NFC chip. A what? NFC stands for Near Field Communication, it’s an older technology that has finally found a home right inside of that highly coveted marketing device in your pocket (or purse). Ok, so what does that mean?

An NFC enabled device can communicate with another NFC enabled device and exchange information.  In regards to Google Wallet, the other NFC device is the terminal located next to the cash register. Imagine being able to swipe your phone in front of the terminal and the software does the rest. Well, this is the magic of Google Wallet + NFC + POS and it has profound implications when combined with an Enterprise Social CRM system. Here’s where it really gets cool.

Now, imagine that you are a marketer and you have the ability to push an offer to an already loyal consumer sitting in your database. Your objective is to increase overall visits by two more each month and the average rate of spend by 20%. In an electronic world, the offer can be unique and tied to the individual.  Further, upon redemption we can verify the offers authenticity and track its usage. Get the picture? In an increasingly connected world, using Enterprise Social CRM, we move mountains.

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If you want more of a technical explanation with a vision for the future, watch this video.


- Brian Teague, Chief Technology Evangelist

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