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Mass Notifications For Corporate Communications

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jun 4, 2014 10:00:05 AM

For a corporate organization, prompt distribution of important information, whether as part of a routine communication strategy, or as part of emergency preparedness, can be quite a challenge. Though conventional methods like email have been used for years, their effectiveness is becoming questionable. Employees might not be available at their desk when the emergency strikes. It could also be the case that some of them are working off-site, or in a meeting, and so on.

Additionally, the support teams in many corporate locations get flooded with calls when an urgent situation arises. This makes the communication of information highly disorganized and ineffective. So when it comes to corporate communication, if you want to reach out to all your stakeholders effectively, a mass notification system like RedFlag can help. The RedFlag Notification System provides a highly convenient and effective way of reaching out to the maximum number of people through multiple channels of communication.

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Some areas of information which are vital in the context of a corporate communication strategy are:

  • Alerting employees about unexpected premises-related issues such as outages and power failures; adverse traffic conditions that may affect access to the office; damaged property; emergency maintenance of the building.
  • Other than this, information related to emergencies such as bomb threats, criminal activity, medical emergencies, breakout of fire, and so on, can be effectively sent out to employees.
  • A mass notification system can also help a corporate with its routine communications. This can include information related to human resource policies, meetings and conferences, parties and get-togethers, changes in office hours, or any distinguished visitors to the office.
  • Proactive communication through mass notification systems also goes a long way in reducing the load on support staff within an organization. Information is dispatched in a timely fashion with the least amount of hassle; all redundancies are eliminated as information is sent out from a single reliable source.

The RedFlag Notification System is really beneficial by allowing the dissemination of information through multiple channels such as voice, text, email, and social media. Moreover, the mass notification system also allows you to create target-based groups from your audience. Contact us today to see how your organization can improve leaps and bounds when it comes to routine communication or handling emergency situations.

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