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What do Mobile Marketing and The Sun Have In Common?

4 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 9, 2015 10:08:07 AM

Seattle Sun Tan Uses Mobile Marketing to Boost Revenue in a Big Way

Several of our past blogs have highlighted the popularity of mobile marketing in the quick service restaurant (aka: fast food) industry. But QSRs aren’t the only brick and mortar businesses that are cashing in by utilizing mobile marketing campaigns.

Many types of retailers are realizing the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns including west-coast tanning salon chain, Seattle Sun Tan. The 35-store retailer provides tanning services as well as skin care products to patrons and was looking for a way to boost revenue.

Seattle Sun Tan made the (very smart!) decision to engage customers with a mobile marketing effort. Specifically, they used a SMS campaign (text messaging) to send offers and discounts to their customers. Within 30 days, Seattle Sun Tan grew their database quickly and attracted a whopping 4,750 customer opt-ins to receive mobile marketing messages. Their initial offer was a mobile coupon for $20 off their customer’s next purchase — when customers joined their mobile VIP club by texting “TANS” to a specified short code.

Seattle Sun Tan didn’t just send out a coupon. They created a club, a Mobile VIP Club, around the text messaging campaign. They used mobile marketing to make their customers feel valued (because they are!) and that they had the opportunity to join something special.

And it worked!

As a result of the 4,750 customers who opted-in to the mobile VIP club, an amazing $196,000 of new sales were generated from customers who redeemed the initial offer. These same customers not only redeemed the coupon, but once they arrived in the store, they spent 500% more than regular customers1.

That’s the power of mobile marketing right there, folks!

Everyone is pretty familiar with text message marketing. But there are also other very effective types of mobile marketing. A variety of different marketing techniques are available for businesses that involve reaching customers and potential customers on a mobile phone or other mobile device. SMS marketing (used by Seattle Sun Tan), MMS marketing, Bluetooth mobile marketing or mobile internet marketing are a few popular and effective types of mobile marketing2.

In case you’re not familiar, let me break down these four types of mobile marketing quickly.

SMS Mobile Marketing: This is probably the most popular type of mobile marketing. A service provider (like Pocketstop!) provides a business with the technology needed to send text messages to customers. Businesses and customers can communicate via a short code that is either unique to that business or a shared by many businesses. A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number used to send text messages. SMS mobile marketing campaigns are very effective because most people read their text messages nearly immediately and are relatively inexpensive — offering the opportunity for the greatest ROI.

MMS Mobile Marketing: Though not quite as popular because they are more expensive and some mobile phones cannot accept them, MMS mobile marketing efforts are widely used by businesses. MMS mobile marketing campaigns work similarly to SMS mobile marketing efforts, except MMS involves the use of image, sound and/or video. These campaigns are believed to make a better impression on the reader and catch their attention more than a simple text.

Bluetooth Mobile Marketing: Although Bluetooth mobile marketing has its drawbacks, it can be an effective communication channel if used wisely. This type of mobile marketing utilizes Bluetooth technology to delivery SMS or MMS messages to potential customers — for free. Businesses with a strong local presence are likely to use this type of mobile marketing service. On the downside, a potential customer must be within a particular geographic location in order to receive the message and they also must accept the message.

Mobile Internet Marketing: It occurs less these days as more and more businesses of all kinds are optimizing their websites for mobile viewing, but trying to navigate a website on a mobile phone that is meant for a larger screen can be frustrating and can turn a potential customer away to a competitor. I know I’m not the only one who has wanted to make a purchase on my Smartphone but ended up having to get my laptop to do so (or navigated elsewhere). Mobile internet marketing not only includes mobile phone website optimization but also search engine optimization as well as internet pop-up or banner ads. And a note about mobile website optimization — some businesses out there create a mobile version of their website, but only include a limited number of links and scaled down information. If you’re going to take the time to optimize your website for a mobile device, ensure it is just as informative as your desktop version.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to mobile marketing. Create a very simple campaign, send out coupons and promotional information, attract a growing database of customers or promote a fully developed marketing campaign around mobile technology. It’s up to you! Mobile marketing is becoming just as popular as catching some rays in the sun these days!

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