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You Need A Mass Notification System… Just In Case Paul Blart Can’t Save The Day

3 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jul 2, 2015 10:05:32 AM

A Mass Notification System Streamlines Communications for Shopping Centers and Other Multi-Tenant Locations

Did you know? Since mid-April, Paul Blart has been at it again “saving the day” in Mall Cop part two. I haven’t seen it yet… but I hear this time Paul is taking his skills to Las Vegas to thwart off a criminal threat at a hotel. Sigh… maybe I would go see the movie if he was patrolling around his adored shopping mall again… communicating with a mass notification system!

Maybe Paul Blart isn’t the best mall cop out there but security teams at shopping centers and other multi-tenant locations across the nation do a great job keeping visitors safe! Just like other tools and resources a security team or property manager might use, a mass notification system is another tool that can help streamline communications during a variety of different situations.

A Mass Notification System for General Communications:

A mass notification system is great for general communications. In a multi-tenant environment, having the capability to communicate using multiple channels at once increases message readership — your message will reach a human, not just a device. Get feedback from tenants, distribute maintenance schedules or update holiday hours with the ease a mass notification system delivers.

A Mass Notification System for Emergency Communications:

For similar reasons, a mass notification system is a great resource in an emergency. Being able to send evacuation instructions, a shelter-in-place order or extreme weather warnings in a flash saves valuable time and has the potential to distribute live-saving information in an incredibly effective way. A mass notification system also gives managers an effective way to communicate after an emergency is secured. Keeping people up-to-date and informed keeps them satisfied and keeps an organization’s reputation intact.

A Mass Notification System for Outages:

When a power outage, or other electrical or technological outage, occurs a property manager may be inundated with phone calls unable to answer them all. A mass notification system lets a manager notify tenants immediately they are aware of the situation. As well, the manager has a simple and reliable way to update everyone on the progress of getting power, or whatever, restored.

A Mass Notification System for Customer/Vendor/Distributor Communications:

A mass notification system is great for a multi-tenant organization. Any organization could use a mass notification system to communicate with outside stakeholders. For example, customers could register for text message communications about closings or changes in hours of operations. An organization could also use a mass notification system to communicate with vendors about billing procedures, year-end deadlines or compliance notices. Additionally, a mass notification systems simplifies communications for multi-level marketing companies that have massive number of independent distributors. A mass notification system with a “groups” feature would allow an organization to distribute messages only pertinent to specific groups of people instead of the system’s entire database.

A Mass Notification System for Safety and Security:

Paul Blart may have used his trusty walkie-talkie. But, in the case of a suspicious person or suspicious activity, a protest or strike, a riot, bomb threat or even in the event of a lost child security teams that use a mass notification system have the capability to provide critical information immediately keeping customers, tenants and employees safer and more secure.

Pocketstop’s mass notification system, RedFlag, delivers effective communications in a simple, reliable way for an endless variety of situations. For more examples of when a mass notification system could be used at your organization, check out our communication scenarios. A mass notification system is a great tool for organizations in a variety of industries. To learn more about industries that utilize a mass notification system, click here.

If you are interested in purchasing the RedFlag mass notification system for your organization or are just looking for more information, please give us a call at 877-840-2444 or visit our website at to live chat with us today.

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