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How To Choose The Best Mass Notification Solution

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 27, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Congratulations! You’ve made up your mind that your organization needs a mass notification system. This is a smart and wise decision, and here’s why.

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How to Measure ROI for a Mass Notification System

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 26, 2018 6:00:00 AM

When utilizing a certain technology or implementing a strategy, companies can measure their impact on their revenue through clear metrics that offer them a thorough insight into the way their decisions affect ROI. For example, in 2018, statistics show that for each dollar invested, advertisers have gained $5.97. Today, with the help of advanced technologies and modern software, businesses have extensive control over how they spend their investments, yet there are some strategies and solutions which, due to their flexible nature, don’t provide a first-sight analysis on ROI impact. Marketing strategies are often seen as too flexible to provide a measurement for ROI, although marketers are coming up with more and more methods for doing so, and they are understanding the importance a marketing strategy can have.

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5 Best Practices for Proximity Marketing

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 25, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Digital marketing is an important branch of the corporate environment, with companies of all sizes and from all industries relying on it for all their activities, from promoting new products, introducing themselves to the world or promoting an event, to strengthening the relationship with their customers and business partners, finding new customers, and growing within their industries. Satisfying the needs of customers through marketing no longer means simply informing customers about sales and discounts through rudimentary methods in a language that is solely based on driving sales. Nowadays, customers expect more from their favorite brand, and the companies that live up to those expectations are seeing the benefits of having a personal and powerful relationship with their customers through the help of digital marketing.

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The History of Text Messaging

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 24, 2018 6:00:00 AM

December is the month in which we celebrate the sending of the first text message, something which 26 years later has become such a significant part of our lives that we can’t even imagine a time when people were not able to be within a few seconds reach of each other, regardless of time zones or geography. On December 3rd 1992, Neil Paperworth typed the first text message on a PC. The text read “Merry Christmas,” and it was sent to Richard Jarvis at Vodafone. Since that first text, we have witnessed the development of text messages into a clean, simple, and reliable channel of communication. Today text message marketing plays an important role in the business to consumer relationship and is providing both with an excellent mean of communication.

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5 Tips To Reduce Manufacturing Safety Hazards

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 21, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Although technological advancements and the development of new health and safety regulations have led to safety significantly improving for workers throughout all industries, in the manufacturing industry, accidents still occur in an alarming pace as opposed to other industries that have similar activities. According to the US Department of Labor, 4 in every 100 manufacturing employees are involved in accidents or have job-related illnesses every year. Companies and safety professionals in the manufacturing industry are faced with a need to continuously update and improve their health and safety plans and strategies in order to make sure that they are providing the best conditions for their workers, but also in order to assure business continuity and limit the risks of any damaged to the overall activity of the company.

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What is The ROI of Text Message Marketing?

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 20, 2018 11:42:35 PM

Text message marketing is a highly flexible and efficient digital marketing solution companies regardless of their size and sector, which is why its implementation has skyrocketed in the in previous years, with 66% of the global population having used text messages for business communication in 2018. Companies and marketers who have found a way to keep up with industry innovation and employ text message marketing for their marketing strategies, whether we are talking about one-time only campaign, recurrent ones, such as holiday campaigns, or on-going campaigns such as loyalty programs, are seeing the positive impact that this digital marketing strategy has had on their overall activity.

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5 Tips for Creating a Manufacturing Emergency Response Plan

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 19, 2018 6:00:00 AM

In today’s technology-driven times, most companies, regardless of industry, have found a solution for creating and implementing emergency response plan for their employees and for ensuring business continuity. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, although the situation is similar, with most companies operating in manufacturing having means and methods in place for emergency response plans, very few of them have adapted said plan to industry requirements, thus creating hazardous situations for their employees and activities.

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5 Reasons You Should Use Proximity Marketing for Events

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 18, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Companies and marketers are adopting technology at an amazingly fast rate, which means stronger bonds with their customers, an increase on their ROI, and fortifying their brands and reputation in ways that no one would have envisioned years ago, when traditional marketing methods were all about making the sale, no matter what. In today’s technology-driven times, proximity marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and simple methods of digital marketing, especially in industries such as retail, hospitality, or entertainment.

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Pocketstop Reviews: We Want Your Feedback

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 17, 2018 6:00:00 AM

The communication software industry is experiencing one of its most impressive eras, with state-of-the-art changes, new strategies, and new technologies being developed by the minute. Virtual and augmented realities are taking the retail world by storm, voice is becoming a useful tool rather than something we’re ignoring in our text-based interactions, and AI-powered technologies are now more of a reality then we ever thought could be, even though science fiction and television have been preparing us for such a development for a long time.

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Why You’re Failing at Text Message Marketing

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 14, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Text message marketing, an approach praised and implemented by numerous companies worldwide, regardless of their size or industry, is becoming more and more popular as new technologies for it emerge, and customers’ needs for a personalized experience increase. Due to its easiness, versatility, and success rates, text message marketing is the go-to solution for when you need to run a campaign that will improve the relationship you have with your current customers, attract new ones, draw attention to your products and services, or expand brand awareness.

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