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No Power? No Problem. A Mass Notification System Can Still Deliver

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Aug 1, 2014 11:06:18 AM

The RedFlag Mass Notification System Delivers Effective Communication at Shopping Mall

We all know how wonderful technology can be. It can do amazing things like save us time and money and can make our lives a lot easier. A mass notification system can increase effectiveness and productivity. But when our computer crashes or when some sort of error message repeatedly pops up on our screens that might as well be written in another language we want to take our electronic devices and chunk them out the window. Or better yet, you know you’ve always wanted to recreate that scene from Office Space starring Peter Gibbons, a printer and a baseball bat. What about when the power goes out? Then no one can get anything done! Ring the bell, school’s out! Send all your employees home, no power! You wish, right?

For many systems, this may be true. Power is a key requirement for many things to work and without it — you won’t be able to do what you want to do. But luckily for us… batteries exist! And generators and Powersticks (check them out here and many other devices that store power so when the electricity goes out we can still function. Though, I am sure sometimes we wish they didn’t exist so then the work day really could be done early if the power went out. One can dream.

In a worst case scenario, the power is going to go out. Of course, you’re prepared. But even if you are not, it is likely that you will still be able to get information out to the right people at the right time when using a mass notification system and especially the RedFlag Notification System. Because a mass notification system is cloud-based, messages can be sent from the user friendly interface from any internet connected device. So, even if there is no power, no hard connections and no wifi, you can grab your Smartphone or company tablet to log into the system using a cellular network. In your emergency action plan make a point to include having a device charged and on the ready in the case of a power outage. No devices charged? If possible, walk or drive to the nearest business with power and ask to hop on their computer or tablet. There will always be a way to communicate — and a mass notification system, like RedFlag, is a very convenient solution even during a power outage.

The RedFlag Mass Notification System has a number of great features and benefits for both urgent and non-urgent situations. Recently, one of RedFlag’s shopping mall clients used the RedFlag mass notification system during a power outage. Despite the loss in power, the shopping mall was successfully able to send messages from the mass notification system to their tenants. The shopping mall tenants were notified that the city’s utility company was working on repairs and they should be ready to re-open their stores once power was restored. Once power was fully restored, the tenants were notified to re-open for normal business operations.

In the shopping mall’s situation, using a mass notification system helped to streamline communications during the power outage. By proactively using a mass notification system, the mall’s property managers reduced inbound traffic to their office by letting tenants know they were working to resolve the situation. Mass notification system technology today affords us the peace of mind that even without immediate power we can still communicate. For more information about the RedFlag mass notification system check out

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