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Text Marketing Proves To Be a Must For Quick Service Restaurants

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Mar 3, 2015 2:14:26 PM

Want to “Eat Fresh”? Text Marketing Can Help Save a Buck

Marketing plays a key role for most businesses. And companies that are really great at it, can thrive. In today’s environment, text marketing is playing a greater part in marketing and advertising strategies. The sandwich shop king, Subway, has been very successful at marketing in the past and continues to be. Stop someone on the street and ask them what company uses the lingo “eat fresh” or the “$5 footlong” jingle and I bet most people will answer correctly. Subway’s advertising on television, on the radio and in direct mail has a very far reach. Still, even with massive traditional marketing campaigns, Subway was looking for something else… something new… something fresh.

Enter text marketing. In the New York area, a 16-store franchise of Subway quick service restaurants launched a text marketing campaign with the goal of increasing repeat business with their current customers. The text marketing campaign was advertised in-stores and on local television and radio stations. Named, “My Subway Mobile SMS”, the text marketing campaign generated over 5,000 customer mobile phone numbers is just a few months. During the same period, the Subway stores sent out 13,000 text messages and achieved a 9% redemption rate — an 8% increase over the 1% redemption rate achieved by their direct mail campaign. Subway went on to use additional text marketing campaigns in other regions based on the success of this particular campaign1.

Text marketing is really a no brainer in our country where 169 million people own Smartphones. In fact, I personally would like to see more quick service restaurants offering text marketing options. I get coupons in the mail from Subway, but do I ever remember to bring them to the office with me? No. Do I ever forget my Smartphone? Rarely.

There are many providers of text marketing services available, but Pocketstop’s unique approach and account executive team sets us apart. If you’re interest in utilizing a text marketing camping for your business (no matter how large or small), give us a call today. Text marketing is an affordable advertising solution with measurable results. 877.840.2444. Or live chat with us at



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