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Use Text Message Marketing to Drive Application Downloads

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Nov 17, 2014 10:11:09 AM

Want to track the mid-term election results? Or check out the NFL scores from last weekend? Want to track your diet or even be able to take the perfect selfie?

Well guess what? There’s an app for that and a million other things too. Applications have become ubiquitous. They are on all our devices and help us collect, organize and manage data from our personal lives and from our businesses.

There is no question about app popularity in today’s mobile landscape. Applications are great ways to connect with consumers and clients no matter what you’re selling. As a business, once your app is developed, tested and launched out there with the billions of other apps, how do you get your consumers to download it? How do you attract new users?

Driving traffic to the app stores where consumers can easily search for your app seems like a no brainer. But, did you know that by driving traffic to the app stores you are exposing your consumers to the competition?

For example, say you’re a new start-up company looking to attract consumers to download your app that helps them manage their bills. Likely, the name of your app is going to have the words “bills” or “finance” (or whatever) in it. Along with your app, when those keywords are searched, hundreds of other apps will also appear — likely even if the potential consumer types in your app’s name exactly.

What’s the solution?

It’s really quite simple. Utilize one of the fastest growing, most efficient marketing channels that has a 98% read rate — text message marketing. By using text message marketing, you can text consumers a call-to-action. Send them a link to your app’s landing page, the exact page in the app store for a quick and easy download without exposing your consumer to your competitor’s apps.

Using text message marketing to promote app downloads is very efficient since consumers can click on the link and be automatically taken to the app store, as opposed to getting an email that they may or may not read on their Smartphone. From there, build a mobile database for on-going communication, encourage app re-activation and use text message marketing to build a relationship with your consumers.

Want to see text message marketing in action?

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