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Top 5 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Provide Text Message Marketing Services

5 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jan 21, 2019 6:00:00 AM

We are living in a world in which there are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. In fact, according to the GSM Association, we crossed that bridge back in 2014, when there were 7.2 billion active SIM cards in the world. With mobile devices gaining more and more popularity, so did the use of mobile communication such as text message, which are now even more popular than communication via social media platforms.

Text messages, once a landmark of communicating with your family and friends, are now the go-to form of broadcasting message for people all over the world, regardless of their communication needs. It’s not just about texting a friend, people use text messages to keep up with the news via subscriptions, they use it to get information from their favorite brand, be updated on medical developments, and more.

It has been more than 14 years ago since text message marketing was introduced, but companies of all sizes and from all over the world are still discovering the advantages of using text message marketing as part of their digital marketing strategies. With the help of text message marketing, businesses have reached new highs when it comes to increasing marketing ROI, gaining new customers, strengthening the relationship with their old ones, and building brand loyalty. Regardless of what your business does or the sector it operates in, text message marketing is something you need to consider if you want to keep your customers happy and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Marketing Agencies and Their Need for Effective Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing agencies, pressure to keep up with novelty in the industry has made some of them fail as they have implemented solutions which were not always in accordance with the specific of the agency or with their customer database. Which is why, choosing text message marketing is a suitable business decision as it provide marketing agencies with a comprehensive, friendly yet powerful marketing solution that can be custom-tailored to all needs. Text message marketing has come a long way, and the tools through which we are implementing it in our times are simple, rich in features, and easy to use. Also, it is unbelievably stress-free to integrate text message marketing with other existing marketing strategies, which is of utmost importance for marketing agencies.

Top 5 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Offer Text Message Marketing

As is the case with all business decisions, choosing to offer text message marketing needs to be based on methodical research and personalization in accordance to company and customer goals and objectives. Therefore, we will go over the main reasons for which your marketing agency should take such a decision, and how you can make the most of text message marketing in all situations.

Text Message Marketing is Pliable to the Needs of All Customers

Not all digital marketing methods work for all occasions. Snapchat marketing might not be as efficient as expected when the target audience has reached retirement age. Email marketing is no longer a viable option if you want your message to always reach its recipient as email providers nowadays have created automated functions that filter spam messages, rendering your campaign useless if people don’t look in their Spam folder. But everyone has a mobile phone with an active SIM, therefore everyone can be reached in a matter of seconds via text message marketing.

And with statistics showing that 98% of text messages are opened, you can’t go wrong with a text message marketing campaign.

Text Message Marketing is Cost-Effective

Cost if one of the main factors that influences a decision towards a marketing method or another. When it comes to text message marketing, the costs of drafting and implementing a campaign are significantly lower than of any other marketing method. Also, the return on investment is one of the highest of all marketing strategies. If you need to run a fast and cost-effective campaign with highly successful outcomes, there is no better choice than text message marketing.

Make sure to keep feedback from your drafting and implementation of all your text message marketing campaigns, that way you will know how to adapt future strategies for an increased success rate.

Text Message Marketing is Easy to Integrate with Other Marketing Methods

Multi-channel marketing solutions are great when it comes to satisfying the needs of customers with a diverse target audience, or when you want to implement a marketing campaign that integrates all methods of broadcast. Also, there are some marketing campaigns that complement each other in a highly successful manner, such as text message marketing and proximity marketing.

Integrating text message marketing with your other marketing solutions will help you reach a wider audience, drive traffic to social media or web pages, boost revenue, and improve your data collection.

Text Message Marketing is Highly Trackable

All marketing agencies should be preoccupied with gathering feedback and having real-time metrics to analyze from the campaigns they are implementing. With text message marketing, you get to know everything about how the campaign is doing, the reaction that people have to it, and also what if anything goes wrong. Getting the most from your text message marketing campaigns and providing your customers with quality marketing services is easily achievable when you can track the progress of your endeavors as you can in the case of text message marketing.

Text Message Marketing Generates Important Leads

The significance of generating leads and of having contacts with whom to communication is known throughout the marketing industry, and marketing agencies are doing the best they can to improve their activities in this sector. With the use of keywords and text message short codes you can convince people to opt-in to various marketing campaigns and programs, therefore considerably improving your database.

Using text message marketing for running a successful campaign from which you get to also gain new leads and have new contacts for future campaigns is an easy and fulfilling task, as long as you pay attention to all aspects. There is little to no effort in text message marketing if you have conducted an in-depth research, you are utilizing modern solutions, and have custom-tailored your strategies in accordance with the needs, goals, and objectives at hand.

The services marketing agencies offer should always be trustworthy and aligned with the times we are living in, as marketing campaigns target real people and are based on the real needs of companies or individuals. Which is why text message marketing is an amazing solution for all marketing agencies looking to offer services of the utmost quality.