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Turkey Trot Stays Prepared with RedFlag

2 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Dec 4, 2013 10:31:11 AM

Last week an estimated 40,000 people gathered in Dallas for the largest Thanksgiving Day event of its kind in the United States, the 46th Annual Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot. With the goal to hold a family-friendly event and the memory of the Boston Marathon bombing always present in the minds of organizers, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas made sure its emergency preparedness plan was tested and in place. This included changing the race course and offering the RedFlag notification system to attendees.

Turkey Trot runners, joggers, walkers, spectators, and staff were reassured by knowing a crisis communication system was in place. This is the first time the Turkey Trot included a mass notification system as part of its emergency action plan. With the addition of RedFlag, the Turkey Trot team was prepared to immediately notify subscribers using text and email if there had been a need for crisis communication. The RedFlag system was set up to automatically update the Turkey Trot’s social media channels with any message being sent as well.

The process was simple for attendees to register. They were invited to register by simply texting the word TROT to a provided number. Once subscribed, participants could choose whether to receive messages by text, email, or both. This was a free service* offered to anyone attending the event. After the event, all subscriber information was deleted from the system and no marketing-related messages were sent.

The event went on without incident and only two messages were sent — an introductory message (also serving as a test message) sharing the weather forecast so runners were prepared and a closing message letting them know their name was being removed from the system. The Trot organizers received the desired results — being ready and prepared for the worst but thankful they had not had to put it into action.

If you’d like to learn more about how RedFlag can be used for event notification, please contact us.

See and read the local news coverage of the event.

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* Standard carrier text or data rates applied.
Photo by Stephanie R. via FourSquare

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