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What Business Continuity Notification Software Is Right for Your Team

4 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 12, 2018 5:05:03 PM

With a myriad of options available today, it's important to decide which business continuity notification software is correct for your team. To help you decide, we've complied a list of factors that will leave you able to make an informed decision when deciding what's best for your particular business. Emergency communication software is incredibly useful in keeping all staff, customers, and stakeholders up to date with the latest news and updates from your business.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best continuity software for you and your team:

    1. Determine Your Requirements

Before you set out to choose a business continuity notification software program, it's crucial for you to decide what you want to achieve from using the software.

Do you want the software to be responsive to all devices? Do you want software that utilizes in depth analysis tools and reporting? Does the provider offer scalable solutions to match the needs of your business?

Make a list prioritizing your requirements that you can check off beside all the different business continuity programs available.

    1. Research into the Product and Providers History

How long has the product been on the market and what are other businesses saying about the product? Are they well established within the market? Are they utilizing the latest technology and adapting as and when new technology is being produced and released? Is the service provider a start-up? Will this mean that you become one of the first people to truly utilize a fantastic piece of software? Or will this mean you will have to be patient while the software is updated and means tested to the mass market?

Make sure that you do as much research as possible before committing to one single provider. It's also important to involve your team and to look for software that will compliment your specific industry. Ask for demos from all the software providers that you shortlist to work with, and don't be afraid to dig deep and ask questions. It's important to ween out the experts, from the generic software providers that may know little about your industry and the needs of your business.

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    1. Take a Look at the Products you are Considering

With many organizations focusing on the highlights and USP's for their specific software, opting for a demonstration will help you to determine whether or not their functionality truly matches your needs. Make a list of questions to ask the software provider when they take you through a demonstration tour of their software.

It's rare to find a product that has absolutely everything that you need, but as long as you find something that has the majority of your needs met, then you are making progress for your business and your customers and stakeholders

As a minimum requirement, business continuity software should include:

      • Visual dashboards for maintaining your plans
      • Simple and easy to use interfaces for all users
      • Sufficient data storage for all supporting documents
      • Automated reminders for updates
      • Align to 'best practice' within your industry
      • Include strong analytics with visual reporting
      • Easy access from all devices, all over the world
      • Fantastic security and privacy for all users

Many vendors will provide a free trial, don't be afraid to keep testing out different vendors until you find the right business continuity software for you, your team, and your customers.Consider introducing a select few of your most valued customers to trial any software that you are considering implementing for any emergency communication with them

Are you impressed? Do they find the software uncomplicated and easy to use? Are they receiving their messages in a correct and professional manner and via a medium that suits them? Their feedback can be very informative as they are the most important people that keep your business afloat.

    1. How Often is the Software Updated and Improved?

With technology constantly upgrading and changing how we communicate and interact with one another, what looks good today may be irrelevant in no time at all.

Is the product provider that you are considering entering a working relationship with innovative? How often are they promising to update their business continuity software? Are they going to keep costs the same as they upgrade their technology and systems? Will they ask you to trial new methods of communication and harness your feedback into improving their offering?

Although it's great for software providers to update and upgrade their offering, this can be detrimental if things are changing all the time. Try and find a contentious provider that knows the difference between updating their software for best practice rather than constantly updating and potentially damaging engagement levels between you and your key audiences.

What's important is matching with a provider that upgrades and aligns with the needs and requirements for you, your staff, and your audience as a whole.

    1. Support Options and Pricing

Will there be ongoing support options available as your team expands and changes? This is a key factor as many new members of staff will require up to date training on all the software that they will be working with.

How easy is it for you to speak to somebody if you encounter any problems using the business continuity software that you are opting for? There is nothing more frustrating than moving from pillar to post with automated replies when all you want is to talk to another human being and get a problem solved with relative ease.

Is the pricing system fair for the size of your business or organization? How often will the pricing system change as your business continues to grow? How much is the set-up fee? How much is the ongoing licence fee? Are these prices competitive with the other leading industry providers? Do they offer a loyalty or referral scheme as you introduce other business within your network to their business continuity software?

Consider all the above factors before making any permanent decisions when choosing the correct business continuity notification software for your business.

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