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Why Your Company Needs Straightxt

3 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on May 3, 2018 10:38:47 AM

With a myriad of SMS marketing software solutions available in todays online marketplace, it's important for businesses to have access to professional results driven options. Pocketstop's Straightxt offers just that! It's a flexible, easy to use SMS marketing digital communications channel for businesses.

Developed by a dedicated team of engineers and mass communication marketing professionals, Straightxt offers efficient solutions to text messaging marketing needs for businesses. This simple, effective, and affordable software is being used by businesses across the U.S. to execute and evaluate their SMS marketing campaigns.

Why Straightxt?

So why are businesses all across the country choosing Straightxt above its competitors to execute their SMS marketing campaigns?

    1. Immediate

Sending a text messaging marketing campaign to thousands of people can take no longer than simply sending a text message from your phone. There is no waiting around for designers, copywriters, printing or executive decisions. Simply enter the message that you want to include, select your recipient list, and click to send. Over 90% of messages are read within three minutes of sending out a campaign so businesses can gain results and insights almost instantaneously.

    1. High Reach

Text message marketing is compatible with every single type of mobile phone. This keeps everyone included and means that there is no need to download apps or use a smartphone in order to benefit from the campaign.

    1. Simple and Effective

Text messages are small, simple, and incredibly effective in delivering a message or an offer to a pre-defined list of recipients. They are trusted and delivered within seconds, allowing businesses to gage the efficiency of campaigns very quickly and adapt messages/recipients accordingly.

    1. Guaranteed Buzz

As a rule, people reach for their mobile phone instantly when they receive their message notification buzz or sound. Therefore, businesses don't need a catchy campaign in order to get noticed. This saves money on design costs, the addition of imagery or video marketing tools, and hefty graphic design fees. Businesses just need to ensure that their SMS content is relevant and informative, with a concise call to action in place that can generate buzz.

    1. Personable

People very rarely change their mobile telephone number; therefore, marketers and businesses have the opportunity to personalize their SMS marketing messages by including exclusive offers.

Although this can be time consuming, exclusive offers can maximize ROI for a text marketing campaign.

    1. Customers Love and Trust It

Text message marketing is a great way of reaching your target audience. It has an open rate of 98%, no other marketing channel comes anywhere near this level of engagement. Customers trust SMS and feel comfortable being communicated with using this platform of communication. Most people send and receive SMS messages daily. So, it's safe to say that your customers like using SMS and know how to use it efficiently.

Many customers relish in the simplicity that Straightxt offers marketing teams with regard to creating, disseminating, and measuring the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns. Customers can join Straightxt by sending a text message using the keyword and phone number that you advertise.

You can then create a message, select the desired recipients and click send, instantly sending your marketing campaign to as many recipients as you require.

Once sent, you can utilize Straightxts analytics to gain valuable insights and make comparisons with previous campaigns to gage the effectiveness of each and every individual SMS campaign. This real time engagement is incredibly valuable as it gives businesses the opportunity to monitor and adapt their marketing strategy to meet the needs of their existing customers.

Many businesses are utilizing SMS to develop and execute high performing SMS marketing campaigns that inform, educate, and entertain their key audiences over a platform that is trusted and easy to access all over the world.

The ability to reach customers on a device that is always with them is invaluable. However, text message marketing needs to be clever and well researched in order to be both effective and efficient for businesses.

Without a doubt, adding text messaging marketing to your communications strategy will help your business to engage, inform, and entertain customers at all times.

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