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Why Your Manufacturing Facility Needs Technology to Maintain a Culture of Safety

6 minute read - Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jan 8, 2019 6:00:00 AM

When it comes to technology and what it represents in our lives, most people often envision intricate machinery or complicated software that only target a specific sector, and are not of much use for anyone else, especially not for those who don’t have the proper knowledge for operating them. Therefore, a lot of companies and brands that don’t conduct their work in a fully technological environment are weary about the use of technology for their activities, from internal communications strategies to health and safety programs.

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, although most companies have embraced the use of technology for more than their day-to-day manufacturing requirements, there are still businesses that don’t know how to make effective use of technology, and for what. The United States is the world’s second largest manufacturer, and companies in the industry are doing their best to retain their place and keep up with competitors from all over the world, but for being successful they need to understand how a manufacturing facility can be helped by technology and how to use it for maintaining a culture of safety. In the manufacturing industry, safety is one of the most important aspects that contribute to the overall success of a company, which is why we are going to talk today about why your manufacturing facility needs technology to maintain a culture of safety. 

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What can Technology do for Health and Safety Strategies?

The first step you need to take in order to better understand the relationship between technology and your business is to define the term in accordance with what your company needs. Technology can mean a new and improved manufacturing machine, it can mean a modern solution for your safety needs, such as a mass notification system, it can mean a digitalized program that will help you better organize your activities, and many others. From industrial robotics or 3D printing to data analytics, cloud services or advanced software solutions, technology can be of great service for your manufacturing facility if you make use of it properly.

In terms of health strategies and maintaining a culture of safety, technology can play a significant part for your manufacturing facility plans, as it can help you with all processes, from drafting to implementing and analyzing the metrics of your strategies.

The advantages of using technology for your manufacturing facility’s safety programs:

  • Increases the efficiency and the swiftness with which you draft and implement your programs and trainings
  • It expands the range of possibilities when it comes to emergency communications, such as being able to automate a wide array of messages
  • It helps streamline the maintenance processes thus creating a safer environment for your employees
  • Technologies such as embedded metrology allow for a simpler and more comprehensive quality control process
  • It helps prevent hazard situations by using simulation software, predictive technologies and modern communication solutions for drafting and implementing templates for all health and safety situations
  • It allows you to gather and analyze data about your health and safety programs, therefore helping you update and improve your strategies
  • Technologies such as industrial robotics help you automate part of your health and safety procedures

Technology Best Practices to Maintain a Culture of Safety

In the manufacturing industry, technology plays an important role, yet not a lot of companies know how to also make use of it for their health and safety strategies, for implementing industry regulations, and for maintaining a culture of safety within the workplace. With the help of technology, you can improve, automate, and increase the efficiency of significant parts of your health and safety strategies and programs, as long as you center on an in-depth analysis of the needs of your employees and the needs of your company.

Use a Mass Notification System for Your Safety Communication Needs

Comprehensive communication strategies and solutions play a highly important role in maintaining a culture of safety, in keeping your employees safe, and assuring the business continuity of your manufacturing facility. A mass notification system will help you create template for emergency situations or scheduled maintenance, broadcast messages to a large group of people, gather and analyze real-time data upon which to further improve your strategies, automate health and safety processes, and conduct trainings with more efficiency.

Use Digital Solutions to Improve Your Health and Safety Trainings

Optimizing, streamlining and automating safety trainings and the way you communicate with your employees in all things concerning your manufacturing facility’s culture of safety will help your business develop without the stress and inefficiency brought by still using traditional methods that allow for little to no control. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, manufacturers employ 150,000 software developers and programmers, yet few of them are working towards digitalizing health and safety trainings. Habitually, a health and safety training is something that manufacturers conduct a few times a year, which employees dread, and that usually passes unnoticed. Technology can help you improve the way your employees interact with all health and safety notions, and the way your manufacturing facility handles its culture of safety. By having trained employees, who are eager to know more and to have key positions in your health and safety strategies, you are working towards a better and improved culture of safety. Use technology to make your trainings simple, fun, and informative, and make sure to always gather feedback from your employees, but also to update your trainings in accordance with industry regulations.

Improve Maintenance by Digitalizing all Possible Processes

Scheduled maintenance is of utmost importance in the manufacturing industry, yet a lot of manufacturers are still conducting these processes with pen and paper, therefore making it almost impossible to keep track of how the maintenance sessions are going in real-time, and to create a detailed database with all issues. Using a digital solution for your maintenance processes will help you keep track of what is happening with your machinery and always be aware of safety hazards, of changes or improvements, and of the needs of your employees and those of your manufacturing equipment. You can integrate your communication strategies with strategies of digitalizing maintenance processes so that you can inform your employees of scheduled maintenance and keep in touch with everyone involved.

Technology can be of significant help for your manufacturing facility when it comes to maintaining a culture of safety, as long as you implement it based on in-depth metrics such as the safety needs of your employees, the requirements of your manufacturing equipment, and industry regulators. Make sure that all your health and safety procedures are always up-to-date and improved based on employee feedback. 

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