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Qualities of a Great Property Manager

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Tips on Leading a Great Internal Communications Department

Qualities of a Great Internal Communications Professional

How to Use Text Message Marketing to Build Your Restaurant Business

How to Use Text Message Marketing to Build Your Retail Business

How to Integrate Text Message Marketing Into Your Current Campaigns

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Text Messaging Marketing Strategies That Work

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What To Do If You Don't Have An Internal Communications Department

2018 BOMA Annual Conference: A Perspective

Rethinking Internal Communications

Key Features Your Business Continuity Communication Software Needs

Business Continuity Planning In The Age of Repeated Mega Natural Disasters

How to Maintain Business Continuity After A Disaster Strikes

Different Ways RedFlag Can Be Used For Internal Communications

Questions To Ask When Choosing An Internal Communications Platform

Beyond Emergencies, What Topics Should You Communicate To Your Employees?

How Straightxt Can Help Your Business Grow

5 FAQ’s About Text Message Marketing

What Are Mobile Keywords?

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8 Internal Communication Best Practices

Questions To Ask When Selecting An Emergency Notification System For Your Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Best Practices For Hurricane Season

What To Tell Your Employees When A Cyber Attack Impacts Your Business Operations

When IT Hits the Fan: What IT Should Do When Infrastructure Goes Down

2018 ICSC RECon: A Perspective

Why Your Company Needs Straightxt

Millennials vs Boomer Communication Differences

How to Measure Text Marketing ROI

Why Redflag Needs to be a Part of Your Internal Communications Plan

Brilliant Text Marketing Campaign Ideas

How to Address Workplace Violence

How SMS can Enhance your Notifications in an Emergency

Why Redflag Needs to be a Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

What Business Continuity Notification Software Is Right for Your Team

How to Easily Keep Staff, Customers, and Key Stakeholders Informed During Critical Incidents

How to Quickly Put an IT Response Team in Place

How to Successfully Execute Your Business Continuity Plan

Expert Advice for Crisis Communications

A Lesson Learned from Workplace Harassment Scandals: Have Good Policies Before a Problem Arises

If an emergency happens, who is in control of your story?

Internal Communications During Cyber Attacks, a Major Threat to Businesses in 2018

A Template for Learning from Crises

Four characteristics of effective messages

Hawaii Crisis Communication Case Study: What We Can Learn from the Hawaii Missile False Alarm

Property Management Crisis Preparedness Quiz

Employee Crisis Communication Preparedness Quiz

How to easily collect and maintain the right tenant data


Using Technology to Effectively Respond to Inclement Weather: What Harvey Taught Us About Hurricane Communication

How Lincoln Military Housing Increased Tenant Satisfaction with the RedFlag Notification System

How JLL Made Safety and Security a Top Priority with RedFlag Notification System

The 10 New Rules of Crisis Communications

3 Non-Negotiables Your Tenant Communication System Must Have

National Safety Month: Safety is no accident

A Mass Notification System: A Way to Communicate When It Counts

How A Mass Notification System Can Enhance Commercial Evacuation Procedures

Write the Right Emergency Notification Message

Pocketstop’s Top 5 “Must Haves” For Mass Notification Success

How Property Management Utilizes Mass Notification Systems to Enhance Evacuation Procedures

The Most Powerful Crisis Communication Tool You Probably Aren’t Using

What Turns The Transmission of Information Into The Art of Communication?

AP Mobile: Malls, stores consider new ways to protect shoppers

Pocketstop Leverages Azure App Service Web App to Deliver World Class Text Message Marketing Service

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Mass Notification System

Keep Calm and ‘Notify’ On… RedFlag’s Office 365 Apps Are Here & Featured on Channel 9

SMS Text Message Marketing Short Codes Sought Out by Consumers

10 SMS Text Marketing Statistics That Prove Your Business Needs SMS

Pocketstop brings Mass Notification Capability to Microsoft Office 365

Text Messaging Used by Presidential Candidates to Reach Voters

Drive the Behavior You’re Looking for with Automated Communication Solutions

Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Malls Should Use SMS

Pocketstop Goes to Church: Mega Church uses SMS Messaging

How to Achieve an Omni-Channel Customer Experience with Text Message Marketing

How to Multiply Your SMS Marketing Contact Database

Mass Notification System GROUPS

Pocketstop’s “Communication” Holiday Bucket List

5 Reasons Why WiFi Marketing Is A Must For Retailers

Text Messaging Highlight: Atlanta Nonprofit Teaches Grandparents How to Text

How to Keep Black Friday Shoppers Safe with a Mass Notification System

The Biggest Crisis Communication Mistakes Organizations Can Make

The RedFlag Mass Notification System Is ______________.

Mass Notification System Use Is On The RISE: Who’s Using One?

The Evolution of Mass Notification System Technology

Good News for Text Marketing!

James Avery Selects Pocketstop’s RedFlag for Multi-Channel Notification Capability

The Mass Notification System Market Is Exploding!

Get Your Alert Notification System Ready: Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Unseasonably Cold Conditions

Pocketstop Announces New Software Version Release for the RedFlag Notification System

Emergency Preparedness: 21 Tips to Survive Your Next Snowstorm

The Intersection Between Operational & Marketing Communications: Pocketstop

Make Emergency Preparedness a Priority: September Is National Preparedness Month

Back to School: Does Your Child’s School Use a Mass Notification System? Here’s Why They Should.

Property Management Platform — RedFlag — “Trumps” All

Lincoln Military Housing Selects RedFlag as Their Mass Notification System Provider

Leverage Your Shopping Center’s Free WiFi Service to Engage Consumers & Increase Sales with WiFi Alive Text Marketing

Are You Prepared for El Nino? What You Need To Know About This Winter’s Weather & Mass Communications

Three Things Jurassic World Can Teach Us About Emergency Communications

An Alert Notification System Goes Hand-In-Hand with Preparedness and the American Red Cross’s ReadyRating.Org

5 Industries That Can Use Text Marketing To Boost Business

You Need A Mass Notification System… Just In Case Paul Blart Can’t Save The Day

What Did The Ebola, Sony Pictures and Mall of America Crises Have In Common? The Need for a Notification System.

Fill Up On Mobile Marketing

RedFlag During A Renovation: Mass Notification System Technology Keeps Things Running Smoothly

Tornadoes, Flooding & Earthquakes: Emergency Notifications Calm Fears During Extreme Weather

Pocketstop Makes The MeetAdvisors List!

Check Out This Text Based Marketing Strategy That Earned One Retailer an ROI of Over 6,000%

RSOE EDIS: An Emergency Notification Service That Puts Things in Perspective

Pocketstop’s RedFlag Mass Notification System Selected as an ICSC’s U.S. Shopping Center MAXI Award Finalist

Introducing Centralized Text Message Marketing Communications and Notifications with Dynamics CRM Online and On-prem

Keep Emergency Communications On When The Power Goes Out

The #1 Tool Everyone In the QSR Industry Should Be Using: Mobile Marketing

Pocketstop’s Text Marketing Services Run on Microsoft Azure

What do Mobile Marketing and The Sun Have In Common?

Love Your Social Media Networks? Here’s Another Reason Why You Should Love Them Even More!

Taco Bell “Thinks Outside The Bun” With SMS Text Marketing

The RedFlag Notification System’s Cloud Computing Platform Passes Big Test

Emergency Preparedness: What You Need To Know

Text Marketing Proves To Be a Must For Quick Service Restaurants

Mall Terrorist Scare Makes Tenant Notification a Priority

Mobile Marketing Makes the Agenda at the 2015 Mobile World Congress

Go Nuts Over More Donuts!

Hungry? Check Your Text Messages!

Media Stirs Up Panic While Reporting on “Historic” Winter Storm

Executive Retrospective: How The RedFlag Mass Notification System Could Have Helped A Critical Situation

A Crisis Situation Requires Action, Not Planning

Text Message Marketing and Mass Notification System Technology Can Help Keep Skiers and Others Informed

The RedFlag Mass Notification System Keeps Participants and Others Informed at the 47th Annual Turkey Trot

Encourage mCommerce, Drive Consumer Engagement With Text Message Marketing

3 Attributes Every Mass Notification System Should Have

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Text Message Marketing This Holiday Season (and all year round!)

Pocketstop Partners with the Dallas YMCA’s 47th Annual Turkey Trot to Keep Trotters Safe, Secure and Informed with the RedFlag Mass Notification System

Use Text Message Marketing to Drive Application Downloads

Omni-Channel Communications Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Pocketstop’s Broadcast API

Text Message Marketing Is Sexy


Pocketstop’s RedFlag Mass Notification System Powers “Text Before You Trot” at the Dallas YMCA’s 47th Annual Turkey Trot

The RedFlag Mass Notification System Solves Multiple Problems

Your Emergency Preparedness Plan: The Active Shooter

Four Reasons Why A Mass Notification System Should Be Part Of Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Understanding A Mass Notification System: Why You Need One

Optimizing Crisis Communication In The First 24 Hours With A Mass Notification System

Q&A With Pocketstop’s Chief Technology Evangelist About Custom Mass Notification System Solutions

Powerful Crisis Communication Strategies You Probably Aren’t Using

7 Things About Mass Notification System Pre-Written Messages Pocketstop Wants You To Know

The RedFlag Emergency Notification System Improves Your Shopping Mall’s Response Time

Movie Theater Utilizes Loyalty and Rewards Program to Increase Engagement with Moviegoers

Mass Notification System Components

Pocketstop Announces Partnership with Microsoft Dynamics Community

Mass Notification Systems: Communicating when there is no time to lose

Using a Mass Notification System to Help Gain a Competitive Advantage

Crisis Communication Usage in Social Media

Improve Your Shopping Center’s Emergency Action Plan

Improve Crisis Communication by Tailoring Mass Notification System Alert Messages for Each Channel

The History and Future of Mobile Marketing as Smartphones reach 70% mobile market penetration in the U.S.

Focus Areas for a Complete Crisis Communication Strategy

No Power? No Problem. A Mass Notification System Can Still Deliver

Emergency Notification Systems Head Back to Campus for Crisis Communications

Improve Your Emergency Preparedness Plan with a Mass Notification System

Pocketstop Achieves a Microsoft Silver Application Development Competency

A Mass Notification System Can Simplify Property Management

Pitfalls of Single-Channel Communication and How RedFlag Can Help

Text Message Weather Alerts Program Powered by Pocketstop Helps WFAA Channel 8 Viewers Know if They Need to Grab Their Umbrella Before Heading Out

Using Effective Communication to Help Retain Tenants

Pocketstop Does Things Differently: Odd Friday Networking

Tips To Ensure Your Emergency Notification System Is Ready For An Emergency

Pocketstop Goes to Church: Mega Church uses SMS Messaging

Best Practices For Mass Notification Systems

Simplifying Event Communications with Mass Notification Systems

Emergency Preparedness Plan: Learn from Past Incidents

“The Scoop” Wins Silver at U.S. MAXI Awards

Mass Notifications For Corporate Communications

Mobile Meets Media: SMS News Desk

Pocketstop’s RedFlag Notification System Runs on Microsoft Azure

Using Effective Communication to Help Retain Tenants

Digital Offers API

Emergency Notification Systems For Schools

“The Scoop” Chosen as Finalist for U.S. MAXI Award

Mass Notification System — Benefits for City Administration

When To Test Your Emergency Notification Plan

Emergency Notification System for Apartment Complexes

Notifications Before, During and After an Emergency

Have it your way

Writing The Right Message: Tips On Writing Messages During Crisis

Why Do Shopping Malls Need Notification Systems?

Emergency Action Plan For Workplace Accidents

Pre-planning Communications for Hurricane Season

Emergency and Mass Notification for Academy Awards

Crisis Communication Plan For Severe Winter Storm

Emergency Action Plan for Olympics

How safe is your mall?

How To Choose An Emergency Notification System

RedFlag Notification System is intuitive and easy to use

Benefits Of Mass Notification System

Emergency Preparedness Plan for Severe Weather

The Three Stages Of A Crisis

The Biggest Mistakes in Crisis Communications

Turkey Trot Stays Prepared with RedFlag

Crisis Communications Plan for Shopping Centers

Need For Crisis Communication

RedFlag Halloween Fun – Top Ten Spirited Alerts

Empower Your Crisis Communication With Redflag

Emergency Preparedness Plans – Are you ready?

Uptown Dallas, Inc. Launches RedFlag Notification System with Public Safety PSA

Shopping mall tragedy - When the unimaginable happens

Mass Notification Systems and National Preparedness Month

REDFLAG: Who needs a Paul Blart when you can have REDFLAG

Frisco Shooting

Emergency Alert Notification System for Shopping Malls, Shopping Districts & Retail Centers called RedFlag

Google Wallet + NFC + POS = Enterprise Social CRM

How I Sparked My Memory with Firefly

How Social CRM is a Shift from Traditional Marketing

Finding Foursquare Love