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Why Your Company Needs Straightxt

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on May 3, 2018 10:38:47 AM

With a myriad of SMS marketing software solutions available in todays online marketplace, it's important for businesses to have access to professional results driven options. Pocketstop's Straightxt offers just that! It's a flexible, easy to use SMS marketing digital communications channel for businesses.

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Topics: Communication, Mobile, SMS, Straightxt, text marketing, Text Message Platform

How to Measure Text Marketing ROI

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 25, 2018 10:32:07 AM

With over 6 billion text messages sent and received every day just in the US, text message marketing is a powerful tool to be leveraged by businesses. Today, businesses face many options when it comes to the various methods available by which to engage, inform, and entertain their customers via SMS. However, SMS marketing can be costly for businesses, therefore it's crucial to measure text marketing ROI in order to adapt and improve for the future.

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Topics: Mobile, SMS, Technology, text marketing, text marketing ROI, text message marketing

Brilliant Text Marketing Campaign Ideas

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 23, 2018 4:06:28 PM

In the U.S alone, over 6 billion SMS messages are sent and received every day. SMS communication continues to be one of the most popular methods to get in touch with people on the planet.

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Topics: Mobile, text marketing, text message marketing

How SMS can Enhance your Notifications in an Emergency

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 20, 2018 11:09:55 AM

In the case of a workplace emergency situation, SMS technology can be seriously beneficial for emergency communications. Whereas many other communications methods may be available, other technologies can prove unreliable in times of true crisis.

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Topics: business continuity, Mobile, SMS, SMS notifications, Technology

Pocketstop Leverages Azure App Service Web App to Deliver World Class Text Message Marketing Service

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Jun 14, 2016 9:11:53 AM

Move allows company to easily auto-scale based on-demand and provides customers with increased performance and high-availability

“When Pocketstop first moved to Microsoft Azure back in 2012, the easiest and quickest way to get up and running was to use Virtual Machines or VM(s). While this suited us well for many years, we knew that we ultimately wanted to run our platform using all the benefits and features that Azure has to offer.” Brian Teague – Chief Technology Evangelist and Co-founder

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Topics: Business, Mobile, News, Pocketstop, SMS, Technology, text message marketing, Trending

SMS Text Message Marketing Short Codes Sought Out by Consumers

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on May 9, 2016 9:33:00 AM

SMS text message marketing is the best tech tool to drive digital engagement. It just is. Everywhere I go, I look for short codes at my favorite shops and restaurants. I check the bottom of my receipts and I even go to the websites of my favorite places to see if they will text me hot deals, sales and other information that I’d rather have pushed to me—and I’m not alone. Everyday customers are joining the “mobile clubs” or SMS text message marketing campaigns of their favorite places. From restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and even television stations… businesses are using SMS text message marketing to reach consumers.

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Topics: Business, Mobile, Pocketstop, sms, SMS, Technology, text message marketing, Trending

Don’t Think Your Business Needs SMS? These 10 SMS Text Marketing Statistics Will Prove You Wrong

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Apr 25, 2016 2:03:21 PM

SMS Text Marketing is growing fast and there’s no sign it will slow down anytime soon.

Despite the growth, consumer demand and success of SMS text message marketing solutions, some businesses out there are still reluctant to add a SMS service to their marketing mix. Why? Well, I can’t answer that why, but I can answer why you should be using SMS text marketing as soon as possible… and a few statistics are going to help me do it!

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Topics: Business, Mobile, News, Pocketstop, sms, SMS, Technology, text message marketing, Trending

Text Messaging Used by Presidential Candidates to Reach Voters

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Mar 1, 2016 4:31:31 PM

Today is Super Tuesday! Here in Texas, it’s Election Day for the presidential primary. What an interesting race it has been so far. Don’t worry, we’re not here to talk politics but technology, of course. Today, I want to talk about one of our favorite subjects—text messaging—and how it is being used by candidates as a communication channel.

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Topics: Business, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, News, Pocketstop, Technology, text message marketing, Trending

Drive the Behavior You’re Looking for with Automated Communication Solutions

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Feb 23, 2016 9:43:48 AM

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. This truth can be applied to many situations in life and in business. And with today’s tech landscape, your business is only as good as your best digital communication system. Let’s talk about some of the different automated communication solutions that can help your business—no matter size or location and no matter your goal.

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Topics: Business, Loyalty, Mass Notification System, Mobile, News, Pocketstop, RedFlag, SMS, Technology, text message marketing, Trending

Top 10 Reasons Why Shopping Malls Should Use SMS

Posted by Daniel Wagstaff on Feb 18, 2016 10:48:10 AM

There’s really no need to explain this list! Let’s get to it. Here is our Top 10 List why shopping malls and retailers should be using SMS as of yesterday! Not using SMS? Get on it, would you? And give us a call.

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Topics: Business, Mobile, News, Pocketstop, sms, SMS, Technology, Trending